Gift Card Giveaways – Real or Scam?

Surveys for free gift cards are a great promotion performed by market research companies. Just about everyone has seen these ads at one point while surfing the internet. The key question most of them have regarding these advertisements is, are they for real or just some scam? There are tons of website out there that offer free gifts giveaways online in exchange for a quick and simple survey. After reading this article, you’ll be able to get your hands on one or more of these giveaways with just a small bit of work in your free time.

The Truth About These Promotions.

While there are some sites out there that really can scam you, there are a lot more that are legit giveaways if you’re willing to spend some time to do as they request. Getting free gift cards is a pretty easy process. First, you will usually be asked to submit an e-mail address. This is so they can send you e-mails in the future in an effort to sell you other things. You can either use an extra e-mail account or you can give them your real e-mail, see if you are interested in what they have to say and if not, unsubscribe. After that you will be asked to provide an address so that they can send you your gift card, but you’re not done yet. There is one more final step where people usually quit and it causes them not to get their free gift card.

These market research companies need to get something out of giving you these great deals so they will request you fill out a few surveys. There are a wide variety of surveys offered usually with these giveaways. I truly like this because I like filling out surveys that I’m actually interested in. Since they are offering me this deal, I like to at least try to provide useful information. Also, there are free trials you can sign up for should one of those interests you more. One I applied for was a credit card that was less interest than my other credit card so it was a win/win for everyone. The major thing to remember with the free trials is if you realize you aren’t interested, make sure you cancel your subscription to the offer before the trial finishes or you will be charged. This is easy to do as long as you don’t forget to do it in time!

Completing these surveys requires only a small bit of your spare time. If you’re willing to do it, these free gift cards can be used for some fun shopping sprees and they’re without a doubt worth it!